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Maza Loco - EXPORT

Maza Loco - EXPORT

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Maza Loco - EXPORT

It’s been an amazing journey!


We would like to thank the hundred of festivals all over Europe that have invited us over the past few years. It has been a very rewarding adventure.


Currently we are both working on different projects. Dmitry (Danny Vrijsen) is part of a teeterboard group in Amaluna, a show from Cirque Du Soleil.


Bobovsky (Bert Loenders) is working on his own projects most of the time toghether with Fréderique Snoeks, with their duo Bert & Fred.


The EXPORT box covered under a layer of dust by now… But it’s still there, so who know, one day, you might see us again as the two Russian brothers why try to follow their dreams.